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Ziva maternity wear is fashionable, well-designed and affordable- all at once. We design maternity wear that is super comfortable and stylish that you will wear it even after maternity period. Our mission is to offer high quality dresses at reasonable prices respecting the needs of our customers. We make dresses for all stages of motherhood- pregnancy, nursing and beyond. Simply pick and choose your favourite styles from Ziva and make your own perfect maternity wardrobe. Let us help you feel and look your best with our wide range of maternity wear and essentials that are mom and baby friendly.


Apart from making the dresses fit and functional, we believe that quality is paramount to all our creations. We use 100% natural fabrics and we have dresses spun in cotton, jute and silk. We choose the ideal fabric for maternity wear and we make sure the material is breathable and non-allergic. Our dresses are made with care and it can bewashed and re-used.


You can always look up at Ziva to discover new trends in maternity wear. We have dresses designed carefully and aesthetically for you and your bump. From casual dresses and work wears to comfy nursing tops, find your favourite designs and colours at Ziva to flaunt your maternity. Whatever be the occasion, we have a wide range of suitable designs and styles that help breastfeeding and pregnant moms walk effortlessly and in style. In order to achieve this, we stand tall by our values and kept it simple.


We always try to put our customers at the heart of everything we do. Regardless of your changing shapes, we encourage moms to stay stylish regardless of the growing body. For all those special occasions, we have crafted a spectacular range of maternity and nursing dresses that are guaranteed to make you feel special and beautiful. May Joy, Ziva’s designer had conducted extensive research for almost two years before she ended up in making dresses with standardized sizes that fit the body contours of women of all ages, sizes and shapes.