The bond you share with your baby is an exceptional one. This special bond is very important for the baby’s emotional and physical wellbeing. Bonding can start even while the baby is in the womb. The period of pregnancy is not just about preparing to welcome the baby but also for developing a strong mommy and baby bond.

One of the most effective ways to bond, is to talk to your baby. It is the mother’s voice a baby hears first. The baby will be able to recognize voices during the last trimester of pregnancy. Babies feel comforted and safe when hearing their mother’s voice. Talking to the baby can also ease any stress the baby feels in the womb.

Babies can start hearing voices by around 18 weeks while in the womb. At this stage the baby hears sounds from inside, like the mother’s heartbeat. As the baby develops, around 18 weeks the baby is able to hear sounds from both inside and outside. At this point, talking to your baby is very important. Although many mothers put headphones over their tummy so that the baby can hear music, several researchers suggest that it is more beneficial for the baby to hear the mother’s voice. Apart from talking to the baby, singing lullabies is an effective way to bond with your baby. Talking to the baby can also help in speech development.

Reading out stories to the baby is also another way to communicate. Initially, it might seem to you that you are talking to your tummy. But slowly you will start developing a strong connection. Share your feelings both happy and sad with your baby. Remember that if you are stressed your baby will also feel it. So, try to be relaxed and happy. Going for a walk in the park or trying out things you enjoy will keep you stress free. This will ensure good health to you and your baby.

Your voice has the power to comfort your baby. So don’t forget to talk and sing to your baby and so the bond between you and your baby will keep getting stronger with every passing day.