Getting your fab and familiar curves back after pregnancy may seem a far off dream for many women. Some even start feeling low and downright depressed with the post-partum body problems and all they want to do is get back in shape. Dealing with postpartum body changes is not an easy task especially when your baby has arrived. But remember that your pregnancy pounds, C-section scars, sagging breasts and stretch marks are not here to stay. All you got to do is brace up yourselves, with a little patience and lot of positivity. Here are some tips on how to recover from some of common postpartum body problems.


1. Stretch Marks: To deal with post-partum stretch marks, you must keep the skin moisturized. Rub some warm olive oil on the affected area in the morning and night. A more effective option is to rub castor oil on the affected area, cover with a plastic wrap and place a warm compress over for 30 minutes to help the oil penetrate deep into your skin. Shea Butter is another easy and effective DIY option to tackle stretch marks. Shea butter has vitamin A and E which helps in replacing damaged collagen that causes stretch marks.


2. Stomach Flabs: The area around your belly has the most stretched-out skin and muscles. Regular cardiovascular exercises will also help reduce belly fat. Also, any kind of exercise that targets the transverse muscles will help in tightening the skin around your belly. You can also try belly shaping belts designed especially for new mothers.


3. Sagging Breasts: Similar to flabby stomach, sagging breasts is another postpartum issue that all new mothers go through. Regular work outs that help tone the pectoral muscles around the breasts and daily massaging with warm oil in an upward direction can help you in getting back the shape. Also, do not forget to wear a supportive bra.


4. Skin discolouration: It happens due to hormonal changes in the body that causes skin to look dull and lifeless. Apply some warm coconut or olive oil on the affected skin and massage gently before going to bed. You can also opt for using fresh aloe vera gel on the affected area a few times a day. Don’t forget to keep your body hydrated by drinking water at regular intervals and follow a nutritious diet plan.


5. Hair Loss: Most women start losing hair soon after pregnancy. Like other post-partum body problems, the hormonal changes in the body causes this and you can handle it with simple home remedies. Use only lukewarm water to wash your hair and make sure you have a protein-rich diet. Regular oil massages will help in increasing blood circulation to the scalp.